10 Amazing Sites with Banner Ads to Fuel Your Creativity

10 Amazing Sites with Banner Ads to Fuel Your Creativity

10 Amazing Sites with Banner Ads to Fuel Your Creativity

Advertising is everywhere in our day to day lives, especially on the Internet! There are a tonne of websites and a lot of them make money through advertising. Its how facebook generate all their revenue, and the same goes for google as well, they make a lot of their money through advertising. Banner ads are an art form and require a lot of skill. I’ve rounded up a few popular and well known websites here to show you how they showcase their ads and what those ads look like for inspiration!

Web Design Ledger
Web Design Ledger show their ads along the top of their side as long banners and then also more square banner ads down the right hand side


Abduzeedo places ads around various locations including the banner ad at the top and the high converting right hand side ads


VectorTuts+ provide tutorials for vector images using Adobe Illustrator

Smashing Apps
Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers


Six Revisions
Six Revisions publishes web design articles, news and tutorials


Adobe photoshop tutorials from beginner to advance


Nalds Graphics
Naldz Graphics is a Design Blog dedicated to help the Design Community.


Identity Inspiration for designers


Design M.AG
DesignM.ag is a blog and community resource for web designers. Follow industry news and browse through our design gallery as well


Design freebies including tutorials, vectors, high resolution Photoshop brushes and textures



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