10 Tips for Stunning Banner Design

10 tips for stunning banner design

10 Tips for Stunning Banner Design

Banner Design is an art form that required not only artistic skill and creative license, but a lot of clever thinking and sneeky tactics to help draw peoples attention to your banner ad. If you are advertising on a website in a space against 10 other adverts then what is so special about your ad that makes it more noticeable than the rest. You need to make sure your ads follow these simple rules to getting noticed and therefore getting more clicks!

In the blog post I will be sharing 10 of my personal tips to create the perfect Banner Design

  1. Call To Action
    Make sure there is a button on there that says “Click Here” or “Read More” this is encouraging the user to interact with your ad
  2. Keep it Simple Stupid
    The key to creating a well balanced design is keeping it simple! A lot of people are under the illusion that for a design to be good, it must be crammed full of complicated elements, Apple Inc. taught us that simplicity is beauty and beauty is what people are after!
  3. Clear Message
    Banner Ads are like road signs, they need to convey as much information as possible in a very short amount of time, basically as people quickly glance over to the ad for a second, although you have the benefit here over road signs because its all about catching the attention, once you have done that, your in!
  4. Defined Colours
    Don’t have ridiculous colours on the banner ad. There is nothing worse than seeing a plain back background with strong royal blue text which looks like a 5 year old has just made it on Microsoft paint. Make sure you do a bit of research into the colours and make sure the branding is similar to what you are trying to advertise
  5. Readable Font
    Again, there is nothing worse than having some silly script handwritten text that you cannot read. You could use a typical sans serif font which is clear and defined, however at the moment slab serif fonts are actually becoming quite popular! If you don’t know the types of fonts then head over to google and check it out because its worth learning the basics if you are into design
  1. Good Quality Focus Image
    Another element that matters a lot is the actual image on the ad. Its better to have a focus image rather than just colour. This makes the ad feel more natural and trust able, even if this is just a stock image of a business woman, as long as you have that human influence there, people see the ad as more human that computer like and therefore want to interact with the ad.
  2. Unique Selling Point (USP)
    Make sure in the banner design you convey the unique selling point as well as possible without having to spell it out exactly on the ad. If you can convey what is so special about your ad that people can click it from the title and subheading / text then your banner ad is on the right tracks!
  3. Texture and Definition
    Rather than just having plain solid colours, try experimenting with subtle gradients that bring the ad out a little more, this also goes for texture, rather than having a static solid texture, try adding a little noise to the colour to make it look more textured, this will add more depth and sophistication to the ad making it more worthy of being clicked
  4. Catchy Title & Subheading
    This is one of the most important things – Remember about a lot from a little? This is where it comes into play mainly. You need to catch the readers attention from one snappy title and a few snappy words that make them want to continue reading. Have a play about and see what makes you want to click your own ad the most by playing about with different words on the ad
  5. Rhetorical Question
    Try and get the user engaged with the ad by asking them a rhetorical question. This is a question that does not necessarily need to be answered however it keeps the user engaged and possibly wanting more. This works well with a button and these two both come under call to action!

So you have took on board all these tips and now you have the perfect banner ad ready for advertising! Really well done and make sure to check out our other blog posts all about Banner Design and Banner ads.

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