The Superb Advantages of Banner Ads

The Superb Advantages of Banner Ads

The Superb Advantages of Banner Ads

If you are looking to increase views on your website, you can promote it various ways to gain traffic. This can be through social bookmarking or social marketing. All the way through to article marketing, back linking and SEO ranking. However if you have a budget available at disposal for your website, you can always fork out a bit of money and buy paid advertising. This could be a PPC campaign or a fixed 30 day contract with a website. A great place to buy affordable banner advertising space is over at they provide great opportunities with major established authority websites that have a lot of domination on google, a lot of traffic and a lot of power to drive that traffic to your site.

Another interesting way to look at this is click through rates vs impressions. If you are advertising on a website that has 1,000,000 impressions (that’s one million!) and you have a tiny click through rate of just 1% you are still getting 10,000 visitors through to your website. You can check out other blog posts on this site about increasing your CTR because just by raising your click through rate by another small percent, the visitors to your website can double from 10,000 to 20,000 per month! That’s incredible stuff… All by 1%

This is the reason banner ads have a superb advantage over other methods because those methods either take A) A long time B) a lot of money C) Low quality unimportant traffic. Of course, you can buy traffic to your website, but seriously – don’t do it! That traffic is so low quality its unreal and you won’t get any conversions whatsoever. Where as if your advertising on a specific website, you’ll have real people that are TARGETED for that niche. Another word of advice also is don’t use traffic exchanges, again, the quality of traffic there is extremely low and the majority of people on traffic exchanges are after traffic themselves, so the only reason they look at your website for 20 seconds is to get credit for their own account to get more views on their own site. Now what use is a 20 second visit to your site where the person viewing probably has another tab open on facebook and is looking at that instead?

Banner ads are definitely the way forward and you should definitely invest in them. A $100 campaign could drive you about 4x revenue leaving $300 profit for you to spend on yourself or re-invest!

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