Incredible Banner Design Ideas to Get More Clicks

Incredible Banner Design Ideas to Get More Clicks

Banner design can be a hit or miss when it coming to getting the most clicks possible. Obviously the most thing is to make sure you advertise in the right niche. If you are advertising a service or product specifically for people such as gardeners, then if your advertisements are on a design blog – you probably will have a 0% conversion rate just because designers and gardeners don’t seem to be the same kind of people. So make sure your advertising on some kind of gardening website where those kind of people will be.

When you are advertising in the right niche, there are a few ways to increase clicks on your ads by changing the banner design and including clever ideas. I’ve already talked about CTR and call to action however this post is all about the actual banner design and what designers can do to tweak it a little to increase clicks by making it look more professional and upmarket.

So, what can you do?

1. Texture
Instead of having plain colour or graidents on your banner ads why don’t you overlay a texture to that colour, this adds depth and interest and certain for me catches my eye more than what a plain ad would just because its not what you would commonly see and as some people are blind to ads, meaning their brains just don’t acknowledge them because they are so used to the web – its worth trying out new techniques to get their attention back again

2. Colour Scheme
There are some great sites out on the net like that have great pallets of colours to choose from that can really compliment your banner ad. Its a bit like picking out paint and looking at all the strips of colours to try and mix and match, this already does it for you and they have some great variations you should check out

3. High Quality Image
Stop stealing images from google that are copyrighted and go over to sites like iStockPhoto or shutterstock where you can get high quality images for a really low price. These images can do wonders to your ad and really give it that professional look that you should be going for which can encourage people to click on your ad because they feel that its a more established brand

Its really that simple, the more established you make your banner ad and branding look, the more a viewer is encouraged to click on your ad because they feel they are entering a reputable area of the net which they can trust to provide a quality beneficial product for them.

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