Internet Banner Advertisements – The Best Online Marketing Strategy Ever

Internet Banner Advertisements - The Best Online Marketing Strategy Ever

One of the best ways to bring traffic onto your website and to bring in potential sales and customers, one of the most cost effective ways is to buy some advertising space (You can usually buy about $1 per 2000 impressions these days!) and then create a stunning looking banner ad. Now, banner advertisements aren’t just 5 minute Microsoft paint sketch-ups, they are well thought up and planned, you can find some great tips here at my other blog post

7 Tips to Increase Clicks on Your Internet Banners

that gives you a few tips on how to create banner ads that convert impressions onto clicks. So, you have got the funding and bought up some advertising space for a month, you have your banner ad created and you are starting to get people through to your site, however your site still isn’t converting the clicks into sales. Why, you ask? Maybe there is something wrong with the product your selling or the niche your in, but that’s not what we’re focusing on. If you market a product well, you can sell anything! The problem is probably your landing page, remember that the viewer has got the initial impression from your banner ad, and if they get onto your website and see that the page is quite unprofessional and unfinished, you aren’t going to gain the trust of the visitors who are clicking on your ads. Your landing and marketing page is the most important thing on par with the banner ad its self.

These two work really well together, without a landing page, a banner ad will massively struggle to convert clicks into sales, however a landing page without a good banner ad won’t even get noticed because nobody will be clicking on the ad to begin with so you are definitely in a struggle if one of these is lacking behind the other. So make sure both landing pages and banner ads are always at top notch by making sure they follow things like branding between site, product and banner ad as well as using the techniques listed in my other blog posts and you will ensure you gain clicks and then convert those clicks to sales.

So if your struggling to make any sales, go onto your main landing page and ask yourself, does this give me enough but not too much information to make me want to buy this product. Don’t be bias towards yourself, be honest because your own constructive criticism will improve your site. Or even better get a friend or a professional to help you out and you will eventually convert those clicks into sales!

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