Beautiful Custom Banner Ads to Rocket Sales & Boost Traffic

Custom Banner Ads

How Custom Banner Ads can Boost Traffic and Increase your Sales!

Banner Advertisements are a massive part of the online web advertisement industry. If designed right, a banner ad can get a very good Click through rate (CTR) which means, if you buy advertising and the monthly impressions are 1 million visitors. And you have a click through rate of 20%. You have just send 200,000 people to your site or wherever your banner ad is directing to. How amazing is that!? There are websites such as that design professional, affordable and effective banner ads for you for amazing prices to help you promote whatever you want!

Custom Banner Ads


Why are Banner Ads so Special?

The internet has a massive market online that are ready to buy your products. The internet is a sitting gold mine and everybody can have their own share of it. The internet trade online is worth $251,000,000,000 thats 251 billion dollars! Many people are looking for ways to make money online and the best way to do this is by creating your own website shop or business that sells a service. You can also promote yourself through various other ways such as affiliate marketing and blogging.

The question is, how are you going to promote your products or your site? You can only make money if people are coming to your website

The answer! Custom Banner Advertisements

Banner Advertisements are visual graphics that are placed on websites that have high traffic. Impressions can vary greatly from the 1000′s all the way to the millions! The more impressions (views) a banner ad is expected to get, the higher the advertising cost of the space. So the question is, when so many people are advertising, how do you stand out from the crowd and get people to click on your advertisement. Simple! Check out great websites and companies such as they specialize in creating beautiful custom banner ads that are professional, affordable and effective. These banner ads are specifically designed using clever ‘science’ to get people to click onto your advertisement.


Improving Banner Ad Performance

Another thing that makes a difference on the banner ad performance, is where the banner ad is placed! Here is a great diagram
Kindly supplied by

Banner Ad Marketing Performance

This shows how the placement of a banner advertisement makes a difference in the response. As you can see the best areas to display advertisements are in the primary content area smack bang in the middle. This diagram can also be used if you are an advertiser and you want to make the most money possible by increasing the clicks from your visitors on a website. This shows where you should be placing your adverts


Simple Steps to Success

A few simple methods of making banner ads successful and effective is following these simple rules


1. Use a call to action!
Make sure you have some form of button that entices people to click, make sure the text is asking the reader to do something like “click here” or “find out more” this will make more people click your banner ad

2. KISS!
This is a simple abbreviation used in design. Keep it Simple, Stupid! Don’t overcomplicated your advertisement and squeeze too much information on the banner. All you need is something catchy to get the readers eye on your banner and the rest will follow!

3. Human Computer Interface (HCI)
This is a biological abbreviation. The Human Computer Interface is all about making buttons the right size and text the right size. If you have a button that is very very small, people will find it difficult to click on it. The same goes for text, don’t make it too small or else people will not be able to read anything on your advertisement. The best thing to do is find the right balance between keeping it simple on the advertisement while portraying the most / best information possible.

Beautiful Banner Ads really can boost your sales and make your traffic rocket sky high! Its all about getting noticed! A successful banner will always have a high click through rate (CTR) measured in percentage. If your banner ad has a click through rate of 20% which doesn’t sound a lot, and you advertise on a website which has 1,000,000 monthly page visitors. That means that 200,000 people will click on your ad, that is a massive amount of traffic! The art of banner ads and special creative services such as is to try and raise the click through rate as high as possible to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of visitors to your website through advertising as possible!

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    • Awesome, Thanks! My tip is definitely keep going at it, blogging is very slow and sometimes can feel like your talking to nobody out there, but people do eventually arrive at your site. So Yes! Definitely stick to it, focus on creating great content on a regular basis that will get people interested and wanting to read your blog and want more. Work hard and the benefits will pay off

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