Banner Advertisements – Captivate Massive Traffic

Banner Advertisements - Captivate Massive Traffic

Banner Advertisements – Captivate Massive Traffic

Banner advertisements are an amazing way to generate and captivate mass targeted traffic to your website to generate leads and sales. There are well known ways to generate and send traffic to your website. Many methods include organic methods such as search engine rankings and google search traffic or paid methods including paid traffic networks where you can buy so many visitors to your website. The problem is, especially with paid traffic networks your traffic will NOT be targeted, meaning the traffic is pretty useless because the chances are you will not make any conversions at all into sales.

Banner advertisements are a fast and easy way to generate great high quality targeted traffic. You can pick up great deals on or alternatively you can go with google and use their adwords network to advertise on websites specific to your niche. I prefer getting banner ads from buysellads because you can pay for a fixed 30 day rate. This means that you only pay a certain amount. For example if you pay $150 for 30 days, no matter how many impressions you get, the price will remain the same. Alternatively you could use a PPC method which you pay per click and you set the bid limit for the ad. The higher you bid, the more competitive keywords your ad will rank for and the higher they will rank.

There are a few blog posts on here that go through about how to increase your click through rate and get the most possible viewers through to your website. But the idea of this blog post is pureyl to promote the idea of banner advertisements in general compared to other methods of traffic generation. Banner advertisements can actually be quite a good investment! If you spend $150 for 1 months advertising and you generate more than that in sales, you have broke even and also made yourself a healthy profit!

Next time you are looking at ways to drive traffic to your site, make sure you consider banner ads!

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