How to: Create the Perfect Banner Ad Marketing Campaign Part 2

how to create the perfect banner ad marketing campaign part 2

How to Create the Perfect Banner Ad Marketing Campaign Part 1 is already live on the blog. You can check it out by clicking this link here

So, the next step to creating the perfect banner ad marketing campaign is making sure once the viewer has stepped through your ad onto your website, you keep them on your website and engaged this. You can keep them on your website by creating an optimized landing site. This is basically a sales page which really shows all the stars and diamonds of your product. If you can convince that potential customer that your product is really worth it, then chances are you will be successful and you will convert that “viewer” into a paying customers. Make sure you don’t just create a landing page and then expect it to work. Play about with it a bit, changing sizes of certain elements and playing about with the layout, the simplest of things can really increase the conversion rate of your site, some social triggers are common sense, others are something so simple that you wouldn’t even think about, this includes arrow, bold text and a clean liquid flow.

When you have optimized your banner ad and landing page. The next thing is to go into the big wide world and find some advertising space online. You could try out they have some great deals on advertising space. When choosing advertising space you need to be careful and consider 2 things, the first is choosing the right niche to advertise in, if you are advertising a design service like banner ads, its probably best NOT to advertise on a site where lots of other designers hang out. Try and target marketers and business websites where the website traffic there are people who need banner ads but cannot necessarily create the banner ads themselves. The second point to consider is when you have found a good site to advertise on and you are happy with the monthly impressions / CPM then make sure you buy an AD in a suitable location. Please take a look at the heat map to see where is best to advertise on a site. Even though a certain advertising space looks cheap for the amount of impressions, if your ad is placed on the footer of a site, you will get no where near as many follow throughs as you would if your ad was at the top of the page under the content title or something more visible. You can check out the heat map HERE

Banner ads can pay themselves off – advertising will be expensive for some and affordable for others, don’t see it as a debit to your account, see it as an investment that you aim to make back. If you spend $100 on 30 days advertising and you make $500 in sales, from that initial investment you have made your money back plus $400 profit!

Stay tuned for How To: Create the Perfect Banner Ad Marketing Campaign – Part 3

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