Custom Banner Ads – Accelerate Your Sales Promotion

Custom Banner Ads - Accelerate Your Sales Promotion

Custom Banner Ads – Accelerate Your Sales Promotion

One of the best ways to quickly and efficiently increase your promotion and sales is buying some advertising space for 30 days and creating banner ads to drive visitors from another website onto yours. The question is how do you drive people from other sites onto yours? The best way is by using clever tactics to get people to click on your ads, this blog here covers everything from CTR through to Call to action and I’ll briefly go over them in this post for you as well today.

If you want to accelerate your promotion by using banner ads. The first main thing to think about is make sure your banner ad matches the branding of your site or product! I can not stress this enough. If your ad gives a good view of what the product or brand is then the people clicking on it are more targeted than people who are clicking on it just because it has “pretty bright colours” or fancy “animation” which has no relation to your product or site whatsoever. If you keep it fluent throughout from the beginning step of the click to the sale then the customer will have more trust and recognition for the site and therefore may return in future or recommend your product or site to someone else thus generating another lead and potentially another sale.

The second thing to think about is using a call to action. Now this can be as simple as adding a big button that says “click here” or “find out more” this is asking the reader to engage with your ad, and when you have that initial engagement you have a very high chance of that person clicking on your ad. Alternatively you could use an arrow on your banner ad, usually the best combo is to use your arrow pointing from your tagling to your button saying click here. The last option is to use a rhetorical question, this is a type of question that gets the reader engaged but isn’t properly asking for an answer, its just getting the reader thinking and possibly answering the question in their head.

Thirdly, what you need on your banner ad is a fancy tag or snapline that will get the readers interested from the first word, if you have something that is very interesting the reader will more than likely want to find out more about what your banner ad is about, go through to your site, learn a lot more through your landing sales page and then eventually go onto buying your product. Make sure you don’t type too much on your banner ad else people won’t read it because it just looks too spammy.

Lastly, try and include colours and styles on your banner ad that compliment the eye, not attack it. If you have bright blue and red on a plain white background with a boring font, you might not attract the right attention, supposedly these ads do reasonably well, to people who dont matter. Again you can target a website and technically say all of those visitors are “targeted” however if your product or site is authority or up market, a budget looking banner can give the wrong impression and suggest that you are low priced and cheap and giving a good deal, so the people that just clicked through your banner ad are no longer interested because It wasn’t what they were expecting.

Remember thing next time you create custmom banner ads to accelerate your sales promotion

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