Custom Banner Design – 3 Tips to Getting Amazing Results


Custom banner design is all about creating the best design possible on banner ads and trying to get the highest click through rate from these ads. The higher the click through rate, the more successful the ad is! Here on the blog at we have already discussed about improving CTR to get more people through to your website. Today’s post is quite short compared to some of the others. I will be revealing my three most precious secrets (or now tips!) to getting amazing results for banner ads.

So why the tips? Well, there are so many banner ads online that are so badly designed. Why do people think that creating a plain white ad with bright blue and red text is doing any good, yes you may gain clicks, people may be interested at how badly designed the site on the other side is, seriously… you do not want clicks from people who just want to mock your website. You want serious customers and serious targeted traffic. I have included three really helpful tips in the blog post today to help your banner design achieve amazing results:

1. Call to Action
Make sure that you have some kind of call to action on your banner design. The most popular form of call to action is a button that says “Click Here” this is encouraging the viewer to click on your ad. Alternatively you could ask a rhetorical question – this is a question that gets the reader or viewer engaged but its a question that they HAVE to answer, it just gets them thinking about it.

2. Snappy Tagline
Don’t give a wall of text on your small 125×125 ad because people are not going to read it! The best thing to is have one short snappy tag line which only has 4 or maybe 5 words maximum at a stretch that really grabs the readers attention, this could be a rhetorical question to help get the reader engaged

3. Branding
Make sure your banner ad follows the branding of your company or website. There is no point following a blue colour scheme on your ad if your site follows a green colour scheme. If you mix and match, people may be less likely to buy, if they love your ad click through and then find out the site is very different they may loose interest straight away, so be careful!

So next time your on photoshop making a custom banner design. Make sure you remember these three very important points!

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